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Ok you can go to see the Périgord Lascaux and hiking but we can also make great plans. Lluis Urko, Spanish, contacted me because he too wanted to kiss outdoors in nature in the cliffs of the Périgord. I know a place too well, in the cliffs between Perigueux and Bergerac. So I called another friend who told me exhib ok for the plan. The next day, I am party to Perigueux. Arrived at the place, I see in the distance Lluis waiting for me, leaning against a rock, his big cock already in the air, puffed balls with modern cock ring and Jock Strap ... Of sex, it m 'put the live pole. I filmed a bit in the process of curing his cock then I wave to my exhib pal to join him for much suck. This he immediately did, kneeling, Lluis Urko has filed down his mouth and he almost several times stifle ... Can Lluis grabbed my friend and plated on a rock . He kicked his ass in a very hard way ... Three different positions in the countryside and near cliffs. Their cries echoed ..

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